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Project Sarah House

In 1996, Sarah was living as a drug-addicted prostitute on the notorious street of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. At that time, Peter and Dorothée, the founders of Heartwings, were living and working in Tanzania.

For more than a year they accompanied Sarah and other women on their journey out of prostitution. Sarah was one of the first women to successfully leave a life of prostitution. She fought her way to freedom step by step and started her own micro-business selling street food. However, in her heart she carried a big dream: to found a home for defenseless women, and children from prostitution. Through providence, a local builder built her a shelter for free. Her dream came true.

Today, Sarah House is home to over 70 young women and children. Some of the people cared for there are very ill due to HIV infection. One little girl was rescued from a forced marriage to an elderly man. Many of the boys in the home have experienced sexual abuse. Each child has their own traumatic story. However, with time the positive change is literally visible. The children receive schooling, educational opportunities, good food, love and an extended family. Sarah runs the house all by herself with much love and dedication. Heartwings supports the project not only financially but also practically. Johanna Sieber lives and works at Sarah House for several weeks a year. Having grown up in Tanzania, Johanna knows the culture and language well. Her main focus is on helping the children overcome the trauma of abuse and prostitution.

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Project India

In 2016, we received a call for help via Facebook from a man who runs a shelter for over 40 children from child prostitution in India with his family.

Child prostitution is unfortunately a big issue in India. Children are sold into prostitution as early as infancy. As a Heartwings team, we travelled to India and got a picture of the terrible situation on site. A deep bond and friendship has developed with the family. Over the years, Heartwings has been able to support the family's projects financially and practically. Among other things, a large shelter for the children has been built. A sewing project has also been started for women who have had to prostitute themselves out of poverty. They are given a new job opportunity and a new life perspective, for themselves and their families.

Would you like to support the shelter in India financially? So that school and food costs are covered?

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