My first day at Heartwings - Letter from a client

My name is Grazia and today I write my very first blog post. I am now 20 years young. Who would have thought that I, a former woman from forced prostitution, myself work at Heartwings and may write my thoughts here.

Now sit back and enjoy the lines from my beginning, from my story with Heartwings and how I first met them:

I can still remember very clearly the first day I entered the magical doors of Heartwings. I arrived and Jael took me in her arms and sat down with me. In the most peaceful office I had ever seen in my life. This was the first time after my career in this lower class where someone sat down with me and listened to my words. Her words touched my soul, which was so black. After all this pain, ups and downs, drugs, violence, ugliness of these cruel people who make profit with my body and that every day. And most of all after all this poverty and hunger, finally one person listened to me. I had hoped for this for so long. Heartwings responded to me, to what I really wanted: a job and an apartment - my freedom. My life seemed so new at that moment, without limits or constraint!!!

Afterwards, we also went to the ladies lounge. Oh wow! You don't know how surprised I was. I love dresses! And in my months in prostitution, I had never seen anything like this. I was allowed to take all these fancy dresses and I didn't have to give anything for them. It was pure luxury at that moment. It was God's blessing. There were even cosmetics, beauty stuff. And all that for me! Everything was provided for me in that moment with heart. And for that I also thank every single person who has already donated or is still donating something small, because that is exactly the right way to help us women. The same goes for the people who provide Heartwing's apartments, just so that we can live there.

At the end Jael gave me food, drink and Migros vouchers and a card painted by Dorothee herself with a personal meaning. On this card there was a girl with roses in her hair standing in front of a house. It was so magical because that very card described me. With all the time I have been with Heartwings so far, I have grown so much. They saved my life then and now I am helping them and I am so proud of my story that I am not ashamed of... Love yourself!!!!

Sincerely yours Grazia